Runa Bookholder

Reading does not require any tools, but when your eyes are closing, how could a little tool make your experience even more pleasant?

The Runa Bookholder holds any kind of book in the page where you fell asleep without any damage to its spine and adding a touch of elegance to the room.

Available in two versions, straight and round, it is made from a single solid piece of pine wood.

The straight version is useful for solid surfaces, complementing a wooden look, while the round version of the Runa Bookholder is better if you plan to sleep with your book next to you in a sofa or bed, or if you want to see it balancing on a flat surface.

The Runa Bookholder will be a luxurious and organic touch to your coffee table, a reliant friend on your bedside table or a maverick for the road due to its portability.

Designed by Miguel Meruje and hand-made in Portugal sourcing local pine wood.



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